A compendium website for the comic book series DREAM.

And so ends Issue #2. Thanks to all for reading thus far. Issue #3 is complete, with the exception of some inking and coloring on the last pages. It will be ready very soon, and I’ll release it early next year.

For next issue I plan to release the pages differently. At the beginning I was lucky to get out a page every week or so. This issue the pages came out consistently, with even 2 pages per week near the end. Well, I’m producing the pages just a bit quicker now, so for Issue #3 I will be releasing in larger clumps on a monthly basis. I’m thinking about 6 pages at a time per month. Perhaps this will enable the storytelling to flow through better. Between issues, I will strive to add more creatures and planets, as there’s so much more to share here, some of which could really enrich the underlying story, whose furtive pacing but glances the backgrounds at best.

Brias made but a brief cameo on the last pages, but they will have a more prominent part in the next one, and a significant role throughout. In fact, next issue will introduce a major Bria character who plays a pivotal role in the storyline.

Stay tuned, check in now and again, donate if you can, and enjoy that open sky.