AboutSliderDream is an interplanetary odyssey of sorts; a story of discovery, about the mystery of intelligent life forms, of possible places throughout the vast reaches of space. It delves into advanced cultures and beings, with the storyline revolving around two characters, one male and one female. Neither character is fully prepared for what unravels in the coming issues, nor the political and energetic ramifications that one accidental traveler, Allie, creates with his presence in the inner sector of our Milky Way Galaxy.


As it currently stands, the outline for the comic series is roughly 100 issues. I have organized this into sections, the largest being “books”, the next being “episodes”; lastly, “issues”. In its current form, there are three books. Each book will be comprised of six episodes; episodes are comprised of roughly 4-8 issues. We’ll see how well the storyline behaves within the parameters of my forward thinking. At the very least, I do have a story arc. However, in some ways, I’m still getting to know my characters, and some seem to have good stories outside of the main storyline. It’s an easy distraction, a necessary evil. “Stay on course!” I tell myself, as these inveigling ideas could be no more than the fruits of Tantalus; or not. We shall see. I can only keep striving and with luck and perseverance stumble upon some creative ambrosia.


Alien creatures? Hardly. Just some bird-like dinosaurs from so many millions of years ago! Two studies for my development of Brias.

This site is the online component to the above comic book series. I have some lofty ideas of what can be included here, such as more comprehensive backgrounds on the creatures and planets which get introduced to the storyline. In many respects, I see this website as an addendum to the comic book. There are so many things to figure out when it comes to developing an environment, a society, and the beings that live there. Our main characters, Allie and Tara, may find themselves on a strange planet with lifeforms. But those forms need function, and if they are intelligent, purpose. There are creatures that are formed by the world and worlds that are formed by its creatures. And all these things take some kind of understanding of the machinations and intentions that make them look the way they do. Although the comic will sweep pass many of these things, it will undoubtedly not be able to delve deeply into every corner of these new worlds. Besides, the question of why a creature looks the way it does can be an interesting topic. Chances are I’ve done some noodling on it, and I simply won’t be able to fully render or explain it in the comic. But with this site, I have a chance to share a little more behind the construction of my depictions. And who knows? Maybe if I can figure out how to make time slow down, I can even add fun storylines of minor characters. One way or another, I hope it makes for compelling story.