Welcome to the CREATURES page! Here I will be listing more comprehensive backgrounds on the different species introduced in the comic. I also hope to expand on the different types of humans; some are technically the same species as us, but others have been living on different enough environments for long enough to develop separate reproductive capabilities. Between completing issues, I’ll attempt to post additions to the creatures in the Dream storyline.


Bria [brē’·ə, pl brias] a warm-blooded, invertebrate species originating from the planet Kraglin. Brias are tridactyl bipeds with an average height of 2.5 meters. Bird-like in appearance, this species has analogous anatomical structure to ornithiscian dinosaurs. Unlike dinosaurs, however, Brias have advanced intelligence, which have enabled them to become the dominant species on Kraglin, with a sophisticated civilization, interplanetary travelling capabilities, and telepathic communication. More>>


Xotlnops [zot-l-nops] is a large quadruped native to the planet Humma, living throughout the core region. A generalist species, xotlnops are a successful ambush predator living near embankments of the rivulet system in the Chanaconaway archipelago, but can also survive in higher altitudes and mountain regions. Xotlnops are known for their long, slender frame and carapace neck and tail regions, reaching lengths of 3 meters (118 inches). More>>